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Q. What is Hen.radio?
A. Hen.radio is Hic et Nunc, or HEN, NFT Music Player. It has been created during the first Hicathon in 2021.
It aims at making it easier to discover, listen to and reward NFT music artists. See our presentation here.

Q. How does the minting work on hen radio?

A. Mint your audio file (preferably ogg or mp3) as usual on https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/mint

Q. Is everything here also work on Hic et Nunc?

A. Yes, everything on hen.radio will also be available on the main Hic et Nunc site

Q. Is there an app?

A. Not at the moment. It is optimised for viewing in the mobile browser, but no app yet.

Q. Why don't you support video or html music?

A. Currently technical restrictions are making it difficult to differenciate music HTML from other HTML objkt.

and handling video is different than handling audio, so it is also difficult to implement at the moment.

Q. How do I create a playlist?

A1. To create a local playlist (only visible to you):

  1. Go to "Playlists" in the top right menu
  2. Enter a title in the textbox "Playlist Title"
  3. Click "Create Playlist"
  4. Add tracks to the playlist by clicking the little "+" button next to each track.
  5. Clicking the link icon will copy the link to the playlist. You can share this link via Twitter or email. For example: https://hen.radio/playlists/178891,11305,10159,8228

A2. To create a playlist with a cover image and visible to everybody you can message our twitter account @hen_radio with:

  1. The link to the playlist (see above, eg: https://hen.radio/playlists/178891,11305,10159,8228)
  2. Title of the playlist
  3. Description
  4. The playlist creator alias, name or twitter handle
  5. Cover image in jpeg format

Playlists are a work in progress, please be patient, we will do our best to include all submissions.

Q. How can I contribute? How do we contact Hen.radio?

  • Ideas, praises, feedbacks? Here is the form.
  • You can find the HEN Discord from this About page, and from there find the hicathon-wg-7-2-hic-radio group.
  • Twitter: @hen_radio
  • Github: hen-radio
  • Created as part of the 2021 Hicathon

    Working Group:
    @lauzaki, @andreasrau_eu, @uvdsc, @__orderandchaos, @webidente, @BabyCommando_, @jclayton, @v5mt

    Twitter: @hen_radio
    Github: hen-radio